Kervin L. Pierre wrote:
> Hello,
> I think the Postpath is excellent news.
> That is one more resource that is
> available as an alternative.
Very true. And like I said they are an awesome company.
Really pleasant to work with.
>  I saw some
> of they demo videos earlier and they
> were impressive.  I'll be listening for
> how well they work in the wild and
> what price they'll market it it.
Thats for sure. I think they are still in startup mode but
they have put a product out the door :)
> Charles, what is the second company that
> has reversed-engineered MAPI?
At this time I think they would like to remain nameless, due to
the potential issues with releasing MAPI and M$ crushing them :)
They aren't putting out a MAPI server. The reason for supporting/reverse
mapi was to support there core product better (a network acceleration

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