Kervin L. Pierre wrote:
> Hello,
> There is a new build of Open Connector
> available at...
> This build should fix some of the more
> annoying bugs found in the last build.
> Please let me know of any others that
> you find.

Congratulations on your second release!! I know I will be installing it
tonight for certain! And testing against bedework (the quick start

> Known issues can be found at...
> Feedback would be helpful.
I will let you know how it goes as well as blog about it.
> Also I have made an installation and
> test demo video available at...

Excellent video. I have some comments on it but will send them to you off
> Notes...
> (i) No speed optimization has been done so
> the application is slow.
> (ii) Although the Addressbook hooks are now
> in place, the addressbook does not work and
> may actually crash Outlook.  Do not use.
I haven't done the install yet, but perhaps you could have a dialog box
popup if the address book provider check box is checked? Saying only use this
if your interested in debugging the application? Just a suggestion :)
> (iii)Do not use this on an installation of
> Outlook that is used for other than testing.


> (iv) Some appointment syncs are lost or do
> not go across entirely.  A lot of testing is
> needed.

Will do. I would presume a combination of logging on the server side as well
as client would be ideal here? Perhaps I should work on a debugging guide.

> Best regards,
> Kervin

Again thank you for this release.

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