Kervin L. Pierre wrote:
> Hello Charles,
> Thanks for helping out.   The testing help is
> very important.

No problem. We both want to get this going :)

> Thanks for the bug reports as well, hadn't
> had a chance to research that bug yet.

No problem. Hopefully you can utilize existing stuff as much as possible.

> --- [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
>> Congratulations on your second release!! I know I
>> will be installing it
> Thanks.  Hopefully things will be sped up a
> little in the future.

In regards to that I pointed a MAPI programmer your way. He contacted me
regarding the PST file format and MAPI stuff. Not sure if he knew about the
OpenConnector project or not. He seemed willing/wanting to help.

>> tonight for certain! And testing against bedework
>> (the quick start
>> release).
> Then you'll beat me to it :)  This is the
> next thing I have to do.  The tests were ran
> against Oracle's server.  Cosmo should work too.

Yeah. Cosmo is a tad to "in flux" for me. I have been in communication
with them about testing and such. Great dev team. When is Oracle releasing
there CalDAV server? I must have access!!!!

I am looking at integrating bedework and sync4j.


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