Hello Mike,

Well like you I was very encouraged when Google
announced CalDAV support.  Though I haven't
had a chance to see how much works with our
client yet, since I've been busy working on getting
Milestone 4 [ http://blog.openconnector.com/?p=11 ]

On a side note, it is actually getting harder, and
harder to remain ( almost entirely ) the sole developer
of Open Connector.  So developer contributions when
be very much appreciated.  Especially someone
knows Outlook's internals and can test and
document issues with our current implementation
( ie. no coding necessary ).

The sooner we get more developers on board, the
sooner we can deliver a stable public release!

Best regards,

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Dear Open Connector,

As a lot of you might know, Google now supports CalDav to connect to Google 
Calendar and it works great. Although the only client people are using with it 
is iCal, it should (in theory) work with any CalDav compatible client. I've 
been reading the Google API site where the new support was announced and Google 
seems really open to working with developers to get their apps to work 
seamlessly with their CalDav support. I think Open Connector should definitely 
get on board with this.

A Google Calendar (as the hub) that works seamlessly cross platforms on iCal 
and Outlook via CalDav would be a powerful solution in the industry.

I will be testing Open Connector with Google's CalDav on Outlook 2007 and will 
let you know the results. I would prefer to use CalDav instead of CalGoo and 


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