Hi Eugen,

> This was Outlook 2000-2003 time, so things might have changed, but then
> there only existed server-sided calendar sharing, which was easily
> achieved by just allowing access to a calendar for more than one user.
> I assume you are now talking of the client-sided calendar sharing - and
> the blasphemic question is: Do you know anyone, who really uses that?

I'm CC'ing the list hope you don't mind.

The "Share Calendar" feature is the Outlook
friendly-name for what's more formally called
"Calendar Delegation" by developers.

Basically the only documentation I've found
on the web describing this feature in Outlook
are two postings on Google groups...


Although, I've implemented the changes
described in those postings, the feature is
far from complete. We have to figure out
how to document its remainder.

That's what holding-up development right

To explain a bit further...

If you are familiar with Outlook, you'd may
have seen a small link near your main
calendar labeled "Open a Shared Calendar..."
This link allows you to gain delegate
calendar access to another user's calendar.

That way a personal assistant can schedule
an executive for a meeting if that assistant
had been given the right permissions, for
instance.  This is what needs to be

If someone volunteer's Outlook's delegation
feature documentation, we could probably have
a stable "Milestone 4" within 2 months.

Without that documented, it will take 4-6+
weeks of full-time development to figure
delegation out, I suspect.  Maybe more...

So basically, I need help getting past this

Best regards,

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