I've been trying to play around with getting this working, but to no  

I have installed the most recent OpenConnector package onto a Windows  
XP Machine (fully patched) with office 2007.  I followed the  
instruction video to setup and configure the accounts, but always get  
a 401 Unauthorized error message.  When using the same URI locator in  
a web-browser, I can see the files just fine.

Looking at my iCal server log, when I attempt to login, I see the  
following message:

[AMP,client] Unauthenticated users not enabled with the 'calendar' SACL

I would really like to find a way to make these two products talk.

Has anyone been successful in getting this to work?


Randall R. Saeks, ACSA
Network & Server Administrator
Northbrook / Glenview School District 30

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