On 5 May 2017 at 9:41, Alain HAOUI wrote:

> I have managed to burn the latest SMSQ/E version 3.31 on a big ROM with some
> extra modules. This also worked as expected; A new "Quantum Leap".

Congratulations, you are ahead of the Q40 designer ;) I have not yet 
tried the latest SMSQ/E version from ROM.

> Then I was discussing for a while with Peter and Derek to learn how to
> split/combine all parts and construct the big ROM image with 2 OSes. Very
> interesting but we discovered later that ROM selector doesn't permit more
> than 128KBytes as continuous space addressing, so it can't be used to have 2
> bigs OSes whatever the size of used ROM; Return to reality.

That was just a primitive implementation pulling a single address 
line high or low. So it supported only a fixed size for the 
selection. At design time, 256 ROM seemed more appropriate than 1024 

> I have also noticed that different SMSQ/E versions may have different
> behaviors on starting. On my system per example, the v3.31 need to be
> restarted with the Reset button after switching On the Power to get SMSQ/E
> correctly started from ROM, while it starts normally when LRESPRed from
> disk. It looks like a timing issue related to Ready State for some devices.

I guess there was no work on the SMSQ/E lowlevel Q40 code for 
external devices since the last version from Tony Tebby. That one 
definitly boots without extra reset.

Could it be your QubATA code? I remember that Qubide was always a 
bit critical on powerup.

> Finally, I returned to the last working configuration with a 512KBytes ROM
> with a recent tuned SMSQ/E version, plus some extra modules and enough free
> space left for the next (10 ?) years needs; Great.

How about the monitor? Or did you find one of the rare Flatscreens 
that can display 1024x512 well?

> By the way, the Turbo switch button is again free on my case. Any idea ?

If not afraid of tinkering, you could use a different address line 
for the switch, allowing two larger OS in ROM. 

You'd have to bend one pin of each EPROM, so they don't connect to 
the socket. Then connect both bent pins by wire with turbo switch 
and a pullup. (The onboard ROM selector jumpered to "Normal 


PS: I like the word "bouton" in the subject :) sounds french... does 
it mean the same?

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