>>>>> "Stephan" == Stephan Lehmke <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

    Stephan> I'm just wondering about one
    Stephan> thing: You're overlaying all previous pictures on every
    Stephan> subsequent slide, so the pictures have to appear
    Stephan> `transparent', otherwise the last one would `overwrite'
    Stephan> all the previous ones.

    Stephan> I assume this is ensured by the MetaPost parsing
    Stephan> algorithm of pdftex?

Don't know, I use the latex, dvips, ps2pdf route.

    Stephan> Can you use `solid' objects in your pictures?

Yes, they are overlayed as I expect.

    Stephan> And does the same technique work with LaTeX+dvips as
    Stephan> well, or would the `overwriting' effect occur there?

See above.

    Stephan> Maybe it would be more safe and efficient to organize the
    Stephan> sequence of pictures such that every subsequent mpost
    Stephan> file contains everything from the previous ones?

    Stephan> Is this possible with the patched version of xfig?

Don't know. It should be possible. But I just applied the patches and
didn't look into them. Your idea sounds more stable than the way
its done now. Maybe you should propose it to Klaus Guntermann. 

In the meantime I played around a little bit more. If I include only
the actual layer within each step, I find this overwriting behaviour. 
I changed the code for the tpmultiinc command to remove the dependence
on repeat.tex. I can post it if anyone is interested.


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