>I use the linux version of acrobat reader, but I think the other
>versions all work the same way.  Under File menu/Preferences/Full
>Screen there is an option "advance on any click".  Turn that on.
>Then, as long as you are in full-screen mode (control-L or select
>from view menu), the mouse will act as page-down.

Or else, insert a next page button on your slides, e.g. in the footer:
\Acrobatmenu{NextPage}{\color{your favourite color}%
\scalebox{.8}[1.4]{\ensuremath{\blacktriangleright}}}% You need
amssymb package!
If you so desire, you can include additional buttons to go back one
page, to the first page, last page ...
See pdfslide.sty fpr inspiration.

Gérard Degrez

>--cliff b.
>--On Wednesday, October 10, 2001 06:15:43 PM +0100 Uwe Brauer
>>Sorry for the slightly off topic. I am just preparing a presentation
>>using texpower etc. I would like to present it using acrobat reader in
>>such a way, that instead hitting enter, space or page down, I would
>>like to use the mouse.  The reason is simple, the mouse is doing the
>>scrolling then one can use a remote control.
>>This seems a very trivial question but so far I could not find an
>>Thanks in advance
>>Uwe Brauer

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