[Stephan Lehmke]

>  Inside a paragraph, however, it can lead to problems. You
>  have experienced one: the vertical position of a line in a
>  paragraph depends on the height and depth of the text in
>  the paragraph.  When things are displayed by (the standard
>  version of) \step, this height and depth can change when
>  high or deep text appears.
>  \parstepwise is made especially for this purpose: the
>  `invisible' things don't disappear completely, but blank
>  space of the right dimensions is left for them. This
>  remedies this kind of problem.

Thanks for the explanation.

After fiddling with this for some time now, I have a feel it
would be good if (La?)TeX wasn't as smart when it comes to
typesetting slides.  It is a great tool for ordinary
typesetting, but typesetting of slides inevitably needs more
manual work than a paper or a thesis.  And then it feels like
the smartness (for instance when it comes to stretchable
spacing between lines) gets in my way.

Nevertheless, I think texpower is a great bundle -- with some
fiddling and reading of manuals, I usually get it to do what I
want.  Thanks for your time!  (I currently have a problen
regarding coloring of math; I will address this in a separate


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