to beat a dead horse(?)...
in either stand alone, or C/S (on the server)

I have deamons running (process which execute in a repeat until(exit 
4D) loop)
There is no reason (see below) based on the code in the deamons, that 
these deamons can not be set to run in preemptive mode.
One of the ways to ensure a "clean" exit of these processes/code, 
pointed out by Tim was to use
Set Process Variable to set a boolean process variable in the deamon 

>Tech Tip: Always make sure your Stored Procedure is able to gracefully quit

This leads to 2 questions
1 - doesn't this idea 'break' with preemptive code (using Set Process 
    (I think that to get around the Set process variable you would use 
2 - how does 4D know/stop/manage code lie the following from doing 
executing Set Process Variable into a preemptive process?

$Execute:="SET PROCESS VARIABLE("+String($Process_ID)+\

Where $Process_ID is a preemptive process


On Thu, 12 Jul 2018 23:12:59 +0800, Alan Chan via 4D_Tech wrote:
> Why not? It isn't supported? I just checked In Transaction in trigger 
> is a preemptive compliant. It means, preemptive mode does expect 
> transaction. Any hidden constraint?
> Without transaction, trigger is meaningless. When a trigger invoked, 
> mulitple tables might be updated inside the trigger. When trigger was 
> rejected, other updated tables won't roll back except the trigger 
> invoking table. This would cause serious
> data integrity issue.
> Alan Chan
> 4D iNug Technical <> writes:
>> transactional data entry is kind of task you would typically want to 
>> avoid using preemptive mode.
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