I see two options:

1. Submit a bug/feature request to 4D and hope they change it to return nothing 
instead of "Undefined".

2. Replace all of your QUERY commands with a method that returns an empty 

I don't use 4D Write Pro, but I think automating the replacement in 4D Write 
before conversion should not be too difficult. I also think it would be a win 
over the way you are doing it because having the project method shows the 
queries, tables, and fields in the design environment referencing. You lose 
that visibility by embedding queries directly in 4D Write documents.

Maybe that does not work if you have end users writing their own queries for 4D 
Write. That seems dangerous to me.

John DeSoi, Ph.D.

> On Dec 20, 2018, at 11:01 AM, David Ringsmuth <davidi...@gmail.com> wrote:
> We have hundreds of converted documents with queries in them that worked 
> correctly in 4D Write. There they executed and did not display “Undefined” in 
> the 4D Write document. These should not have to be wrapped commands to work 
> without an “Undefined” appearing in the WritePro document.
> This in new and apparently wrong behavior in WritePro.
> If this is not an error in WritePro, and if it is the intended operation of 
> WritePro, then it is a warning to everyone converting from 4D Write documents.

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