On Dec 21, 2018, at 2:00 PM, David Ringsmuth wrote:

> Add,
> 4D Write expressions did not require a value to be returned, so it was 
> acceptable to have embedded Query, Create Set, Intersection, Union, Use Set, 
> Selection to Array, etc…, commands in the 4D Write document.
> Converted to WritePro, the same expressions return “Undefined”.
> It is a change in behavior that requires editing 1000’s of documents.
> And WritePro does not provide an easy way to replace those expressions with a 
> method call that will not return “Undefined”.

Hi David,

I also include methods in 4D Write documents that do queries and other 
operations that do not return a value. I’ve never put raw 4D commands in a 4D 
Write expression, but many places are methods without $0 defined. 

I wonder if 4D Write Pro will do the same thing with methods that do not return 
a value? Have you tested this?

And I agree with you that 4D Write Pro should not make this change in how it 
works compared to the 4D Write Plugin. It makes no sense. It should changed to 
work as it did before. 

A bug report/feature request needs to be submitted so that they can change this 
behavior immediately and you can then get a hotfix or nightly build that has 
this change.

I’m guessing this was just an oversight in the 4D Write Pro implementation that 
the team never considered. It should be fixed. 


Tim Nevels
Innovative Solutions

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