I have encountered this a few times since at least v15 (now using v17.0 HF3).
The only way I found to clear it is to 
- create a new method 
- copy the code across
- delete old method
I found it impossible to “make it happen” for a reproducible bug for 4D, though 
I did report it anyway (a long time ago).

My biggest “problem” with v17HF3 on Win7 is its habit of ignoring new beak 
points after a while when debugging - what a massive pain… (i have reported it)
I have to restart 4D and then it respects the breakpoints already set on 
I hope this has been fixed but haven’t seen any mention in later version bug 
I have not seen anyone else mention it so maybe it only affects me.
But I digress… 
HTH, Keith

> I have an object method that shows no break points either in the method or 
> when I show break points, yet it continues to stop at a particular line of 
> code and it is annoying...
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