Since you are writing the data to an object what's the value of using the
pointer? Why not just write the data?

In fact, since TCMGetRow looks like it is simply holding the data for the
transfer you could make it a loop:

For($i;1;number of objects)

$o["_"+string($i)]:=Object get pointer(Object named;$root+string($i))->

End for

This way you don't need to care about the data type assuming the 2 objects
actually have the same typed objects for each index.

But to specifically answer your question I would take a look at the way the
date value is stored in your object and then how you reference it. There's
another post about dates and objects that sounds on point with what you are

On Mon, Feb 25, 2019 at 7:37 AM Jeremy Roussak via 4D_Tech <> wrote:

> I have a form which shows a variable number of rows of numbers and text.
> The rows are created using OBJECT DUPLICATE on each of the half-dozen items
> in the row (yes, using a collection listbox might be a better way do to it,
> but I wrote this code a while ago). If a row is deleted, I need to copy the
> contents of the rows beneath it upwards.
> So I have a method which creates an object and populates it with pointers
> to the created variables. I call this to get a set of pointers to one row,
> then again to get a set to the next row, and then I copy.
> I start
> C_OBJECT($from;$to)
> $from:=TCMGetRow($start)
> then in a loop,
> $to:=$from
> $from:=TCMGetRow($i)
> $to.toDate:=$from.toDate
> $to.toAge:=$from.toAge
> etc.
> TCMGetRow has
> C_OBJECT($0;$o)
> C_LONGINT($1;$row)
> $row:=$1
> C_TEXT($root)
> $root:="vr"+String($row)+"c"
> $o:=New object
> $o.toDate:=OBJECT Get pointer(Object named;$root+"0")
> $o.toAge:=OBJECT Get pointer(Object named;$root+"1")
> etc
> $0:=$o
> I’m getting the message in the subject line in the main loop for each
> assignment, but only when compiled; interpreted, it works fine. In the
> debugger, the pointers in $to and $from point to variables of the same type.
> I’m quite new to extensive use of objects. What am I missing?
> Jeremy
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