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> Milan Adamov:
>> But there not announced as v16 features, that is simply not true, no one 
>> ever said that. On the contrary, it is explicitly said and written many 
>> times that those features are upcoming features in next major version.
> So it IS a V17 beta after all...
> Maybe all the folks at 4D understand how those R version numbering works, but 
> for the rest of the world it is obviously quite confusing.

No it isn’t. If it is beta that would mean you would have all of planned 
features for v17 implemented and still in testing within 4D, in R version there 
is beta phase of R version which is done and the subset of new fetures is fully 
tested by QA and Partners before release. For example, current R version is v17 
R3, v17 R4 is in beta. Calling it v17 beta 3 would not solve the problem for 
those that are confused, on the contrary, it would add more confusion to it.

It seems that you don’t have a problem with nomenclature, but the all R version 
approach of doing things incrementally.


P.S. I am not with for 4D for more than a year now.

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