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> Has anyone here had the need to print a PDF document from 4D, and found a
> solution?
> I am not talking about generating a PDF from 4D. I have an existing PDF
> document and I need 4D to print it for me! Exactly, user selects a PDF
> document and I have 4D command it to be printed.
> I can use LEP, a plugin, whatever, but so far I have not found a way to do
> it, with a 100% assurance the document will come out faithfully.
> Oh, and this in on Windows.
> Thanks for any pointers.
> --
> Julio Carneiro

Hi Julio,

I use this:

$errText:=sys_ShellExecute ("print";$vt_path;"";"";1)
With Win32Api Plugin

$POSIXPath:=Replace string($HFSPath;":";"/")
LAUNCH EXTERNAL PROCESS("lp \"/Volumes/"+$POSIXPath+"\"")

Regards Armin
And if you need a solution to create pdfs on windows:

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