So, now that I pinned down how the trigger the exact code segment I want, I am 
down to solving the actual problem

Let me describe… there are two tables Orders and Subscriptions related as 

   An order can have a related subscription record, making it a subscription…

   Orders -> has form OrderDetail

   Subscriptions  -> has form SubscriptionDetail
   SubscriptionDetail.textField -> Event On Data change update 
[Subscriptions]prop1 if data is valid

The problem is that an event (On Data Change) is fired when accessing the 
subscriptions form directly and not fired when accessing it indirectly.

   Path 1: Direct path to SubscriptionDetail form:
      • Edit an existing Subscription (SubscriptionDetail)
      • Change SubscriptionDetail.textField
      • The On Data change event fires, code executes

   Path 2: Indirect path to SubscriptionDetail form through OrderDetails:
      • Create a new order (OrderDetails)
      • While in OrderDetails make it a subscription, SubscriptionDetails is 
      • Now in SubscriptionDetails
      • Edit SubscriptionDetail.textField the On Data change does not appear 
         or the wrong form is receiving it, or some scenario I can't envision… 

Can anyone shed light on why the event does not appear to fire when editing a 
form arrived at through another form?  

Sandor Szatmari

Senior Software Developer
Bristol Capital Inc. - InfoPlus
201 746 7215

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