I'm looking for a fast way to highlight a selection of rows in an entity 
selection listbox.  The way I am aware of works OK unless the listbox gets a 
large number of rows.

Adding records to the Selected Items name in the Property list does not 
highlight the listbox contents.  The equivalent of adding records to the 
"UserSet" is not available with entity selection listboxes.

Highlighting all with LISTBOX SELECT ROW(*;"listBox";0;lk add to selection) 
crashes 4D if the listbox contains enough records.
LISTBOX SELECT ROW(*;"listBox";$position;lk add to selection) crashes if put in 
a fast FOR loop.  If the loop is executed more slowly there is success.  The 
slowness comes from looking for entitySelected[i] within the entity selection 
and highlighting its position in the listbox.

Is there a better way to get there?

Thanks - Keith - CDI
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