if I understand correctly,
you are on the parent record entry form ([orders])
depending on how the [subscription] information is displayed may depend 
on how to get the code to run.

1st - place the code that needs to be run into new separate project 
method, so that it can be called from more then one place and do the 
exact same thing.

possible situations:
- the [subscription] data is displayed directly (a field displayed on 
the [order] entry form.
  -- call that new method (above) from both/all places (object method) 
the [subscription] field data is/can be changed; and make sure that:
     --- the 'On Data Change' form event is turned ON for the 
[subscription] object.
     --- at some point after the code executes you save the 
[subscription] record - this does not have to be immediately, but could 
be done in parent [order] entry form's Ferm method during 'On validate'.

- the [subscription] data is displayed in an editable subform (not a 
widget), which is a listing of the [order] related record(s), including 
  -- in this case you want to place a call to the (above) new method in 
the form method for the listing form that is being used, or in the 
[subscription] data field's object method on that same listing form. 
same things to make sure of as above (marked with ---)

- the [subscription] data is displayed in a listbox. In this case you 
need to find the code that is managing the listbox (probably in the 
object method of the listbox) and add the (above) new method call 
there.  again same things to be sure of as above (marked with ---)

hope that is not too confusing, and that it helps


On Mon, 15 Apr 2019 14:07:04 -0400, Sandor Szatmari via 4D_Tech wrote:
>    Path 2: Indirect path to SubscriptionDetail form through OrderDetails:
>       • Create a new order (OrderDetails)
>       • While in OrderDetails make it a subscription, 
> SubscriptionDetails is displayed
>       • Now in SubscriptionDetails
>       • Edit SubscriptionDetail.textField the On Data change does not 
> appear fire,
>          or the wrong form is receiving it, or some scenario I can't 
> envision… etc.
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