Hello Samita:

This is a good start and the similar effort at detnet is a success. But it will 
take multiple (many) contributors from many areas to make it real good. Do we 
have them?



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Subject: [6lo] Adoption call for draft-gomez-6lo-blemesh

Hello All:

We have discussed 6lo-blemesh at the IETF 96 6lo meeting and there were 
interests in the WG to work on this draft.
The draft authors also have been requested to check with BTSIG and BTSIG has 
been consulted.

We would like to proceed with the WG adoption call for this document:

Please provide your opinion on the mailing list with  'Yes/No' and a short note.

The adoption call ends on October 7, 2016.

Gabriel & Samita
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