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Section 1:
*/ RPL also leverages Routing Stretch to reduce further the amount of control
traffic and routing state that is required to operate the protocol.

GP> The concept of Routing Stretch is not clear to me.
*/ RPL can only provide a best effort ratability, 
   connecting most of the LLN nodes, most of the time.  
GP> Rephrase this part of the sentence

*/   When a routing protocol such as RPL is used to maintain reachability
   within a Non-Broadcast Multi-Access (NBMA) subnet, Some nodes may act
   as routers and participate to the routing operations whereas others
   may be plain hosts.  
GP> Typo: subnet, Some —> subnet, some
*/ With this specification, a 6LN may declare itself as a router in the
   6LoWPAN ND exchange in order to declare that it will manage it own
GP> The end of the sentence may need a rephrase.

Section 6.3:
   Also as prescribed by [I-D.ietf-6lo-rfc6775-update], the 6LR
   generates a DAR/DAC message upon reception of a valid NS(EARO)
   message for a new registration.  If the exchange succeeds, then the
   6LR installs a Neighbor Cache Entry (NCE).

*/ At this stage, and upon each NS(EARO) received afterwards that
   maintain the NCE in the 6LR; 
GP> I find this sentence as repetition with the previous paragraph.

Section 6.4:
*/ Upon reception of a DAO message that creates or updates an existing
   RPL state, 
GP> maybe indicate, from whom potentially the Root receives a DAO message

Section 6.5:
*/ Upon reception of a DAR message with the Owner Unique ID field is set
   to all ones, the 6LBR checks whether and entry exists for the and
   computes whether the TID in the DAR message is fresher than that in
   the entry as prescribed in [I-D.ietf-6lo-rfc6775-update].
GP> typo: and entry —> an entry
*/   If the entry exists but is not fresher, the 6LBR does not update the
   entry, and answers with a Status "Success" in the DAC message.

   If te entry exists and the TID in the DAR message is fresher, the
   6LBR updates the TID in the entry, and if the lifetime of the entry
   is extended by the Registration Lifetime in the DAR message, it also
   updates the lifetime of the entry.  In that case, the 6LBR replies
   with a Status "Success" in the DAC message.

GP> You could replace the “fresher” with recent?

> On Feb 21, 2018, at 10:24, Pascal Thubert (pthubert) <pthub...@cisco.com> 
> wrote:
> Dear all
> This is a short draft, but the work is much needed to complete the RPL story 
> on non-RPL-aware leaves. The draft conforms to the long-standing expectations 
> from the 6TiSCH architecture.
> Please have a read and provide feedback if possible before cutoff. This will 
> allow me to publish an update, so we can discuss adoption in London.
> Regards,
> Pascal
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>> Abstract:
>>   This specification updates RFC 6550 and RFC 6775 unicast routing
>>   service in a RPL domain to 6LoWPAN ND nodes that do not participate
>>   to the routing protocol.
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