Pascal Thubert (pthubert) <> wrote:
    > If the 'R' flag is not set, then the Registering Node is expected to be a 
    > router that handles the reachability of the Registered Address by itself.
    > This document also specifies a keep-alive EDAR message that the RPL Root 
    > use to maintain an existing state in the 6LBR upon receiving DAO messages.
    > The EDAR message may only act as a refresher and can only update the 
    > and the TID of the state in the 6LBR.  A RPL router SHOULD NOT set the 
'R' flag.

Can we also say that a 6LR, upon seeing a ND *without* the EARO option,
should assume it's like the R flag is set?  Or is such a node just
non-operable?  (Clearly, such a node can't move from DODAG to DODAG...)

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