On Sat, 06 Dec 2014 11:09:51 +0200 lu...@proxima.alt.za wrote:
> > I can't be certain but looks like proxima.alt.za delegates
> > actual email delivery to turo-smtp.net.
> There's a transparent proxy just the other side of my long-distance
> wi-fi link, I'm not sure why my ISP feels they have to pay a third
> party to interfere with email, but I think there may be a national
> intelligence issue involved: our government has mooted digital
> communication interception regulations for a while, but I haven't
> followed the details.  I know whom to ask, though.
> In the meantime, I note that the transparent interception does not
> apply to the "submission" TCP port, port 587, so I think I'll hack
> smtp to use that instead.  Right now, I'm going to build a copy of
> smtp with a modified mxdial.c, but I wonder what a consensus here
> would be: an option to smpt that invokes a "submit" function that only
> differs from mxdial() in the use of the service argument, or a generic
> port number on smtp's command line with a more complex, but now common
> to both options, mxdial()?

Seriously, why bother. There are probably other agencies doing
transparent snooping (and with a subject line with words like
"Atom" and "troubles", this thread has probably set off
alarm bells in all sorts of TLA agencies).  Just invoke your
"submit" function to them : )

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