On Tue, Feb 13, 2018 at 06:21:42PM +0000, Rui Carmo wrote:
> Yes. And to deliver an image for the Pi, built on Intel systems.

Always good to specify the deliverables.

> I struggle to understand how version control is not more actively used.

It's not particularly necessary when you have global state with
snapshots provided by a shared WORM fs.  DVCS adds a lot of complexity
for questionable gain, in that environment.  9front's adoption of
mercurial is a historical accident rather than a desired outcome.  But,
I understand that most people just want to use the tools they already
know.  It's much easier than learning a new paradigm.

> At least the basic ones regarding whether the result boots, yes.

I look forward to seeing your results.

> Well, for full disclosure, I work at Microsoft. I do have extensive
> AWS and GCE experience, and hardly find them “crippled”. It’s just that
> the world has moved on and prioritised certain kinds of hardware 
> virtualisation.

We can disagree, but AWS's recent push away from xen and toward kvm
indicates to me that they also consider their product crippled. 
Perhaps the world is moving back.

I'm sure they had excellent reasons for it, but I've never found either
Amazon or Google to be particularly capable platforms.  Perhaps I'd feel
differently if I were a web developer.

> For using QEMU’s virtualization features inside Hyper-V.

If Hyper-V is still capable of running Xen guests, you may want to look
at the code on sources for a start in that direction.  That way you
could skip linux altogether and just use the platform natively.  

Good luck,


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