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My experience with Clear Linux and Ubuntu:

- Setup: external monitors connected via TB4 docking station (make and model
does not matter, it happens with all TB4 docks I got) to an LGGram laptop (I
have two recent different models (2021 and 2022), happens on both);
- Symptoms: pretty much all symptoms mentioned in the link posted above
( The most
glaring symptoms are: (a) overheating--CPU temperature hovers around 90C--and
(b) syslog spamming;
- Palliative "cure":
       1. run the `sudo rmmod int3403_thermal` command sometime after boot
(~1min) either manually or automatically: this stops the kernel spamming,
though it does not deal w/the overheating;
       2. blacklist the int3403_thermal module fixes both issues, at the
expense of very high CPU utilization(!), that renders the whole system pretty
much unusable.

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