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> Rather, I have noticed the following pattern:
> 1. Plug In USB-C cable (charging/HDMI)
> 2. Run "top" to verify that 3 kworker threads appear with high CPU usage.
> The fan will eventually kick in
> 3. Suspend the laptop (close the lid, press power button, press Fn+s, or
> manually suspend) and wait for the fan to completely turn off. Optionally
> unplug and plug in USB-C cable (sometimes helps).
> 4. Wake device from sleep.
> 5. Run "top" again, kworkers will be gone
> Now this does not work 100% of the time, as sometimes after waking from
> sleep the device still keeps the kworker threads up and running, but
> eventually after doing this they disappear until the next reboot. This
> workaround gets the job done for me, as long as I don't have to reboot often.

Thanks for sharing! This works for me too. I have 

In my experience the key point here seems to wait for several minutes and
unplug the cable after suspending. Otherwise the 3 kworker threads will remain
in `top`.

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