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Here is my experience. I am using an LG Gram 14Z90Q-G.AA76B and have faced high
CPU usage from kworker threads on every distro I have tried (Fedora, ArchLinux,
VanillaOS, Ubuntu). From my experience, there is a somewhat reliable way to
temporarily stop the high CPU usage. I don't dualboot windows, so I cannot test
the suggestion of booting from windows to linux. Rather, I have noticed the
following pattern:

1. Plug In USB-C cable (charging/HDMI)
2. Run "top" to verify that 3 kworker threads appear with high CPU usage. The
fan will eventually kick in
3. Suspend the laptop (close the lid, press power button, press Fn+s, or
manually suspend) and wait for the fan to completely turn off. Optionally
unplug and plug in USB-C cable (sometimes helps).
4. Wake device from sleep.
5. Run "top" again, kworkers will be gone

Now this does not work 100% of the time, as sometimes after waking from sleep
the device still keeps the kworker threads up and running, but eventually after
doing this they disappear until the next reboot. This workaround gets the job
done for me, as long as I don't have to reboot often.

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