SBS 2000 had internal IM inside Exchange.
SBS 2003 I caught Live Messenger as I'm on SA and that gave me a copy of LCS.

So we migrated to SBS 2003..... and the first weekend I cut over the server..second weekend I cut over the internal IM and placed it on the member server. Internal IM is our lunch time 'ping' board.

What was the first thing out of everyone's mouth? Not how much faster the network was ...Not how kewl Outlook over http or OWA or RWW......

"When's IM going to be put back?"

It's a gender era thing.... IM is the new email for a certain generation.

hitender saxena wrote:

Dear Ajay

How r u ?

I think u ur self know the answer. First ask urself do you really need messaging service...

On the other hand Exch.2K3 provides u alot new features and flexiblity that is important. So I would suggest u to go for Exch. 2K3.

In case u want to discuss it further u can call me.

Bye dear,

Hitender Saxena

    ----- Original Message -----
    From: "Ajay Kumar"
    Subject: [ActiveDir] Why we go for exchange 2003 server
    Date: Mon, 30 Oct 2006 19:06:12 +0530

Can any one pls tell me why I should implement exchange 2003
    *enterprise* server instead of 2000 *enterprise* server In my
    Becoz Exchange 2000 having *Messenging serivces* but 2003 doesn't
    Actually My main intention is why I go for 2003 exchagne server.
    Pls suggest me.
    Ajay pardeshi



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