> ·         Do you combine your policies addressing Affirmative Action &
> Equal Employment Opportunity and those addressing
> Non-Discrimination/Harassment, or do you separate them?
Our Board approved policies for faculty hiring are here:

This represents affirmative action and non-discrimination in faculty
hiring.  This is carried over to another policy that governs all
employment, and is a President sponsored policy:

We also have a Board approved policy for prohibition of discrimination,
including sexual harassment:

Our board approved policies do not change very often.

> ·         Do you address sex- and gender-based discrimination in an
> overarching anti-discrimination/harassment policy or are those protected
> classes addressed separately?

Gender expression is included in the policy.

> ·         Do you address student-to-student harassment via policy?  If
> you do, is this in conjunction with policy relevant to faculty and/or
> staff?

We are in the process of implementing a separate "bullying" policy.  I've
attached a draft.  The sticking point has been extensive discussion about
whether to include references to academic freedom.



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