As I have mentioned in the past, we have gone through large migrations to
DFS based storage on EMC ISILON hardware.  As you may recall, we backup
these DFS mounts (about 90 at last count) using multiple Windows servers
that run multiple ISP nodes (about 30-each) and they access each DFS
mount/filesystem via -object=\\\departmentname.

This has lead to lots of performance issue with backups and some
departments are now complain that their backups are running into
multiple-days in some cases.

One such case in a department with 2-nodes with over 30-million objects for
each node.  In the past, their backups were able to finish quicker since
they were accessed via dedicated servers and were able to use Journaling to
reduce the scan times.  Unless things have changed, I believe Journling is
not an option due to how the files are accessed.

FWIW, average backups are usually <50k files and <200GB once it finished

Also, the idea of HSM/SPACEMANAGEMENT has reared its ugly head since many
of these objects haven't been accessed in many years old. But as I
understand it, that won't work either given our current configuration.

Given the current DFS configuration (previously CIFS), what can we do to
improve backup performance?

So, any-and-all ideas are up for discussion.  There is even discussion on
replacing ISP/TSM due to these issues/limitations.

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