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> Hi Brian, and all.
> Well, there's a difference between repressing emotion (which is saying "No!
> I
> am not feeling this way now") and realising you're feeling something and
> acting in a rational manner in accordance or opposite the emotion. I many
> times was frustrated at open source software applications having annoying
> bugs
> and thought with many F-words and curse words, but when phrasing the bug
> report, I phrased it politely, rationally, and factually (not always
> though,
> of course).
> Emotions are nature's guidelines, and should not be repressed, and one
> should
> not feel guilty for feeling anything (Sermon on the Mount/etc. put aside),
> including not a desire for murder and mayhem. But acting based on these
> emotions by words or deed may not be a good idea.

You could have phrased yourself more calmly.

Hey Shlomi.

What part of my reply, exactly, was not calm or rational? "Profanity is
expression, which is both trivial and all-important; it's a flavor of words,
like poetry or song. They all have impact in their own way, but we should no
more condemn an obscenity shouted in frustration than we would poetry
whispered in love." As you imply, there's a time and place for every kind of
language. I wouldn't be screaming profanity in a business meeting (although
my last PM was extremely fond of this...) but frankly, I thought better of
the list - I assumed we were all adults and wouldn't be getting our knickers
in a twist over a couple of words.

(If I wasn't calm, rather than addressing your mail, I'd have some strong
words to say about you and a horse)

In any case, I still await some links to this rude behavior towards a

Also, uh, why wouldn't I read your entire message..?


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