Shlomi Fish wrote:
wanting to help them. As a result, I suggest moving it to (or maybe or possibly , if Ask and friends will be kind enough to set it up (modelled after the haskell-cafe concept, where discussions are moved from the main haskell mailing list). Anyone can send an email to , even if they are not subscribed and everyone can subscribe to it by sending an email to . Anyway, it was a good place to discuss social issues in the past, and it's very quiet now so I don't think people will mind the action.
I mind the action. Not because I mind discussion on this mailing list, but because I do mind having a conversation dumped in here that doesn't make any sense. This might be a good place to discuss social issues, but only within the limits of how those social issues impact on Perl advocacy. The conversation fragment we've been subjected to so far does not seem to have any relevancy. If you want to have a different mailing list set up, then go about getting that done the right way; not by dragging an unrelated and irrelevant (and not particularly friendly) conversation onto a list where it doesn't belong.

It is not this mailing list's responsibility to get you a -cafe set up.

In the future, if you feel you feel you do need to redirect a conversation from one mailing list to another; and it is relevant to the new mailing list, please provide context for the new mailing list readers, rather than just continuing the conversation as if everyone else has been following it already. (Context in the form of a link to existing archives is better than nothing, but poor form all the same.)


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