Depending on your distance and the watt load of each radio, 18AWG is
frequently sufficient, assuming you have DC power supplies putting out
52-53.5VDC on the ground end, the voltage at the top end will be well
within the range of all equipment...

One of the lowest cost options is:

Belden 5309UE-1000 18 gauge, 12 conductor stranded riser DC power cable,
1000 ft
It's $1.95/meter ($595 for a 1000 ft spool). Not a cable you can put on a
tower directly but it goes great in liquid tight flex conduit with fiber
alongside it.

On Fri, Sep 16, 2016 at 2:24 PM, Craig Schmaderer <>

> Looking for advice on what my options are for running 16 DC conductors
> around 16 awg to power LTE and/or medusa radios on a tower.  Hybrid fiber
> option would be ok too.  I know I have seen Verizon on some of our towers
> use the hybrid cables.  Thanks, Craig.
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