Might suggest also what kind of last mile connectivity they have (WISP vs 
other) to see if something correlates there…. I don’t see or have heard of this 
on cable, DSL, or FTTH … 


> On Sep 19, 2016, at 10:43 PM, Mike Hammett <af...@ics-il.net> wrote:
> Have you seen a CDN overloading a customer? Help me gather information on the 
> issue.
> What CDN?
> What have you identified the traffic to be?
> What is the access network?
> Where is the rate limiting done?
> How is the rate limiting done (policing vs. queueing, SFQ, PFIFO, etc,, etc.)?
> What is doing the rate limiting?
> What is the rate-limit set to?
> Upstream of the rate-limiter, what are you seeing for inbound traffic?
> One connection or many?
> How much traffic?
> How does other traffic behave when exceeding the rate limit?
> Where is NAT performed?
> What is doing NAT?
> Shared NAT or isolated to that customer?
> Have you done a packet capture before and after the rate limiter? The NAT 
> device?
> Would you be willing to send a filtered packet capture (only the frames that 
> relate to this CDN) to the CDN if they want it?
> There have been reports of CDNs sending more traffic than the customer can 
> handle and ignores TCP convention to slow down. Trying to investigate this 
> thoroughly so we can get the CDN to fix their system. Multiple CDNs have been 
> shown to do this.
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