Right, up to 7x increase in throughput , but only if properly spaced in each of 
seven different beams. 

To Jeff's point, I know they were planning on increases, but I thought the 
initial version was just the 450i tech with the Mu-MIMO added. 

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Actually it's more nuanced than that. 

Your per-subscriber speed will not change. (Assuming they haven't added a 
higher-order modulation here, but I don't remember hearing that they did). 

What *is* happening is that the Medusa will permit numerous simultaneous 
subscriber streams at the same time, and on the same channel. My recollection 
is 'up to 7 simultaneous subscribers', but I'm too lazy today to go look and 
verify. Someone can correct me if I'm wrong. 

So, assuming everything is perfect, you can get 7x the throughput in the same 
channel width. Reality is never perfect, and Cambium acknowledges this as well 
- the actual improvement will depend on the locations and path characteristics 
of your customers. I suspect that we'll all be learning what customer spread 
works the best.... 

On Wed, Sep 21, 2016 at 11:46 AM, Mike Hammett < af...@ics-il.net > wrote: 

AFAIK, Medusa doesn't increase the capacity of any one sector, just puts many 
sectors in one radio. 

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They are advertising 300 Mbps now. Can the Medusa actually deliver that? What 
PMP APs and SMs can honestly deliver that? 


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