Can’t you watch for outbound netflow data for remote port 25’s from your 
customers you’re going to drop port 25 on?
Then proactively call/email them saying it’s going away.

Or if you want to keep up with the antiphishing then tell them to contact you 
back at the known good number/email they have for you or is published on your 

> On Oct 14, 2016, at 11:13 AM, That One Guy /sarcasm 
> <> wrote:
> I think this has been discussed in the past.
> As part of our overall security implementation we will be dropping outbound 
> port 25 for non business customers and business customers dont have an email 
> rserver on record with an appropriately configured SPF record.
> I know which customers havent gotten with the times. The problem is how best 
> to communicate with them. I am thinking its best to just drop it for a few 
> hours at a time to drive support calls from those who notice it during that 
> window periodically until we implement it permanently to limit a flood of 
> support calls all at once. And maybe a notice on our website of what is going 
> on.
> The issue I have is if we reach out in any way, directly, we circumvent all 
> the antiphishing propaganda. If we email, then spoofed emails are trusted, if 
> we email with a link, then they start trusting spoofed emails with links, 
> same with our telephone number. If we reach out directly via telephone, well 
> then they start paying IRS fines to John from india.
> anybody else implemented this and handled it responsibly?
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