I asked Matt when I was at HQ a couple weeks ago and he said this is replacing the old 450i integrated AP. You can't even buy those anymore.

It's a -3dB 90 and no coax to seal. What's not to like? If the radio fails, so what, swap the whole thing. That's what we do with regular 450 APs when something goes wrong anyway.

On 10/17/2016 6:46 PM, Ken Hohhof wrote:

I was unaware they had a new model. Is it a new and improved version replacing the original, or are they two different products?

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I think Ken is confusing the Integrated model with the letter A at the end of the PN vs. the new one ending in the letter B. You want the on in the attached Spec Sheet.

The new Integrated 450i has better antenna specs than the old integrated model and the Cambium 5GHz sector. The feedback I�ve heard has been mostly positive, although the integrated model prevents you from turning up the TX power by playing with the antenna gain settings. So if your overdriving your gear � it might not be a good investment.

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That is the type of information I need. I was not aware the specs on the intergraded were poor. We have never been very happy with the performance of the 85009324001. That begs the question. What 90 degree antenna is giving great results?

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Why would you do that? I thought the integrated was more of a convenience thing, but at the expensive of sidelobe and F/B performance.

You could swap out the 450 AP for a 450i AP with the same antenna if you are wanting to run in U-NII-1 or use 40 MHz channels.

Or there is an MTI 90 degree sector that supposedly has better sidelobe and F/B performance if that�s what you are looking for.

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Has anyone replaced a 450 AP and 90 degree antenna (model 85009324001) with a 450i Integrated?

I would like to know if coverage was same / better, and the level of performance improvement?





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