sounds to me a lot of that was in atlantic city when the town was imploding....
i could be wrong.  i probably am.

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  Dependent upon the contract, I wouldnt pay if the service or goods were not 
delivered to a satisfaction of the contract terms either.

  I would bet alot of these "stiffed" companies historical data, BBB and 
otherwise is not what you would call stellar. sure there may be an outlier to 
stick up at a podium and call them the representative norm, I can call my shoe 
a treefrog if I want to, but it doesnt make it so

  On Mon, Oct 17, 2016 at 1:19 PM, Sam Morris <> wrote:

    My mistake. I was referring to Trump's companies. Not the illegal Clinton 
Foundation. God I hope they get audited. :)  I agree with your statement 100% 

    (I know someone is going to say something about Trump not paying his 
employees or contractors. One has to wonder though how long thousands of people 
would continue to go to work were they not getting paid.)

    On 10/17/2016 1:12 PM, Rory Conaway wrote:

      You mean the 5.7% of the income they actually spent on charities or the 
94% they spent on salaries, travel, and other expenses?

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      Or the thousands pf people employed by his companies.

      On 10/10/2016 2:50 PM, Bill Prince wrote:

        The Clinton Foundation has actually done some good in the world; as
        opposed to the other guy's. His "Foundation" has served no one other
        than himself or his "companies".


        On 10/10/2016 12:48 PM, Robert Andrews wrote:

          Yep and that was the start of the Clinton Foundation...

          On 10/10/2016 12:41 PM, Bill Prince wrote:

            Don't forget it was a republican congress that wrote and passed the

            I'm not taking him off the hook, just pointing out that it takes two
            to tango.


            On 10/10/2016 12:35 PM, Robert Andrews wrote:

              Once again, Chuck, you nailed it...   BC was just lucky to be 
              on a mountain of money and it made him look like a god.. Then he
              signed the dumbest piece of legislature to come along in 50 years
              against advice on the last few days of his presidency..  Not 
              in any way...   But we are now wedged and your advice is correct. 
              will survive another 4 years and hope she doesn't pull a BC on her
              last days in office.

              On 10/10/2016 10:45 AM, Chuck McCown wrote:

                Bill Clinton just happened to coincide with the tech boom and 
                advent of the commercial internet.  That is what produced the
                surplus, he just lucked out.  His decisions to deregulate 
                banking is what brought us all back down in 2008.
                I have told former business partners (upon learning of their
                if you will cheat on your spouse you sure as hell will cheat me.
                In my mind the game is over.  4 years of watching something that
                could have been so much better lies ahead.  Been through it
                before, can endure it again.
                Winston Churchill said Democracy is the WORST form of 
                except for all the others.
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                loving buddy....state facts.....not shit you hear from Hannity,
                OReilly, Limbaugh and bunch..
                Bill Clinton (An unfaithful husband....I don't mince words)
                balanced the budget and we had a surplus....a Democrat..but he
                didn't do it BFM...(By Fucking Magic for you hard of 
                took both sides to get those things going....Knock Obama all you
                want, you do anyways, but he inherited a shit storm and even 
                all the Republican resistance, got
                us out of the recession.   Trump used the recession to make
                money..( Potter in Capra's movie)...Trump keeps 
                Obama for ISIS!!! really.....lets revise history like our Texas
                Board of Education does all the time.....Wrong is wrong, no 
                who does it....Clinton, Trump, Kennedy and other presidents
                cheated on their wives...I bought out my first business partner
                for just that...cheating on his wife and children...Guess I am 
                school, but if a man cheats on those close to him, where the 
                do I stand in that relationship?
                Goes to character and morals.....yes we joke on this list allot
                including sexual ones....but I have never read anything on this
                list about thinking its okay to grope women because you are rich
                or a celebrity...or worse call one of you daughters voluptuous
                ...NBC suspended Billy Bush but only after extreme pressure from
                social media....Chump says he uses it and in the end the media 
                what will do him in....Listen carefully..THIS IS NO FUCKING
                REALITY SHOW YOU MORON
                TRUMP!!!   I know those who approve of him will stay loyal up 
to the
                election....Like I said before and I say it again...It reminds 
                Hitlers followers....they knew it was wrong but didn't give a
                shit....sorry muchachos, that Make America Great Again dream 
                not ever be back again, keeping kicking the sleeping 
                many of us are educated now and we can much as you 
                to change voting laws to keep us out, it will not work......lets
                see how it plays out on November 8th....
                Jaime Solorza
                Wireless Systems Architect
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                     *“My fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for
                you, ask
                     what you can do for your country.”____*



                     AND THOSE ARE THE WORDS OF A DOEMCRAT !



                     AND NOW WE HAVE A NATIONAL DEBT OF:____




                     It’s hard for me to believe that ANY of the other issues 
                     I’m not afraid of a president that might hurt someone’s
                feelings on
                     the way to fixing the mess we’re in. ____


                     Steve B.____





  If you only see yourself as part of the team but you don't see your team as 
part of yourself you have already failed as part of the team.

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