You mean the 5.7% of the income they actually spent on charities or the 94% 
they spent on salaries, travel, and other expenses?

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Or the thousands pf people employed by his companies.

On 10/10/2016 2:50 PM, Bill Prince wrote:
> The Clinton Foundation has actually done some good in the world; as 
> opposed to the other guy's. His "Foundation" has served no one other 
> than himself or his "companies".
> bp
> <part15sbs{at}gmail{dot}com>
> On 10/10/2016 12:48 PM, Robert Andrews wrote:
>> Yep and that was the start of the Clinton Foundation...
>> On 10/10/2016 12:41 PM, Bill Prince wrote:
>>> Don't forget it was a republican congress that wrote and passed the 
>>> legislation.
>>> I'm not taking him off the hook, just pointing out that it takes two 
>>> to tango.
>>> bp
>>> <part15sbs{at}gmail{dot}com>
>>> On 10/10/2016 12:35 PM, Robert Andrews wrote:
>>>> Once again, Chuck, you nailed it...   BC was just lucky to be sitting
>>>> on a mountain of money and it made him look like a god.. Then he 
>>>> signed the dumbest piece of legislature to come along in 50 years 
>>>> against advice on the last few days of his presidency..  Not inspiring
>>>> in any way...   But we are now wedged and your advice is correct.  We
>>>> will survive another 4 years and hope she doesn't pull a BC on her 
>>>> last days in office.
>>>> On 10/10/2016 10:45 AM, Chuck McCown wrote:
>>>>> Bill Clinton just happened to coincide with the tech boom and the 
>>>>> advent of the commercial internet.  That is what produced the 
>>>>> surplus, he just lucked out.  His decisions to deregulate mortgage 
>>>>> banking is what brought us all back down in 2008.
>>>>> I have told former business partners (upon learning of their
>>>>> infidelity)
>>>>> if you will cheat on your spouse you sure as hell will cheat me.
>>>>> In my mind the game is over.  4 years of watching something that 
>>>>> could have been so much better lies ahead.  Been through it 
>>>>> before, can endure it again.
>>>>> Winston Churchill said Democracy is the WORST form of governments....
>>>>> except for all the others.
>>>>> *From:* Jaime Solorza
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>>>>> *To:* Animal Farm
>>>>> *Subject:* Re: [AFMUG] OT - Politics Now you sound like my Trump 
>>>>> loving buddy....state facts.....not shit you hear from Hannity, 
>>>>> OReilly, Limbaugh and bunch..
>>>>> Bill Clinton (An unfaithful husband....I don't mince words) 
>>>>> balanced the budget and we had a surplus....a Democrat..but he 
>>>>> didn't do it BFM...(By Fucking Magic for you hard of hearing) 
>>>>> took both sides to get those things going....Knock Obama all you 
>>>>> want, you do anyways, but he inherited a shit storm and even with 
>>>>> all the Republican resistance, got
>>>>> us out of the recession.   Trump used the recession to make
>>>>> money..( Potter in Capra's movie)...Trump keeps blaming 
>>>>> Obama for ISIS!!! really.....lets revise history like our Texas 
>>>>> Board of Education does all the time.....Wrong is wrong, no matter 
>>>>> who does it....Clinton, Trump, Kennedy and other presidents 
>>>>> cheated on their wives...I bought out my first business partner 
>>>>> for just that...cheating on his wife and children...Guess I am old 
>>>>> school, but if a man cheats on those close to him, where the hell 
>>>>> do I stand in that relationship?
>>>>> Goes to character and morals.....yes we joke on this list allot 
>>>>> including sexual ones....but I have never read anything on this 
>>>>> list about thinking its okay to grope women because you are rich 
>>>>> or a celebrity...or worse call one of you daughters voluptuous 
>>>>> ...NBC suspended Billy Bush but only after extreme pressure from 
>>>>> social media....Chump says he uses it and in the end the media is 
>>>>> what will do him in....Listen carefully..THIS IS NO FUCKING 
>>>>> TRUMP!!!   I know those who approve of him will stay loyal up to the
>>>>> election....Like I said before and I say it again...It reminds of 
>>>>> Hitlers followers....they knew it was wrong but didn't give a 
>>>>> shit....sorry muchachos, that Make America Great Again dream will 
>>>>> not ever be back again, keeping kicking the sleeping giant.....too 
>>>>> many of us are educated now and we can much as you want 
>>>>> to change voting laws to keep us out, it will not work......lets 
>>>>> see how it plays out on November 8th....
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>>>>>     *“My fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for 
>>>>> you, ask
>>>>>     what you can do for your country.”____*
>>>>>     *____*
>>>>>     ____
>>>>>     ____
>>>>>     ____
>>>>>     ____
>>>>>     *$19,493,291,113,808____*
>>>>>     *____*
>>>>>     It’s hard for me to believe that ANY of the other issues matter.
>>>>>     I’m not afraid of a president that might hurt someone’s 
>>>>> feelings on
>>>>>     the way to fixing the mess we’re in. ____
>>>>>     ____
>>>>>     Steve B.____
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