I don't care for FreePBX. I think it makes certain hard tasks easy, but then makes tasks hard which were easy in vanilla Asterisk. The provisioning plugin is really nice as long as your phones are supported.

Maybe the simplest thing would be one of those cloud based systems where they do everything for you. You'll pay something recurring per phone, but all the hard parts are someone else's problem. You'd have no problem being up in 2 days, let alone 2 weeks.

Second simplest is configure the phones individually with their web page (or whatever --I haven't used unifi phones) and buy an appliance with some tech support included. As an example, Adtran Total Access 904 can be a SIP server for your VoIP extensions, and supports SIP, analog, or T1/PRI for your incoming lines. There are certainly Asterisk appliances as well. I think you'll also find that most PBX vendors support VoIP now...they'd be stupid not to right? You might pay for support, or maybe you'll get some post sale support for free, but either way somebody helps you with anything you're stuck on.

Third simplest is PBX in a Flash or similar Asterisk+FreePBX distribution. You'll have the least capital invested, and the most labor.

Least simple: Vanilla Asterisk isn't so hard once you get some practice with it and as long as you have time to learn and experiment.

My 2c

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Simple? VoIP is not simple. FreePBX is as simple as it gets, and it's only simple because it is limiting.

For provisioning you will need a tftp server, the ability to set DHCP options, and a basic grasp of XML.

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Anyone Working With Unifi Phones?

going to island of Palau to re do a network and VOIP System if they do not get Bombed by north Korea first :( but anyway is there like a super simple BPX out there to connect with unifi phones would only have 2 weeks to get this all done soo looking for easy lol

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