I've put together an OpenWRT-based Asterisk VM (with Asterisk-GUI on top 
instead of FreePBX) that knows how to generate the provisioning files for 
Polycom phones from templates and offers them up via HTTP instead of TFTP.  I 
can bang out a new PBX in an afternoon with it.  I still usually pair this with 
a MikroTik doing the DHCP server bit.

If you have never done any VoIP before and perhaps need some hand-holding, I 
haven't personally used it, but 3CX, which is a commercial Windows product, 
seems to come highly recommended.  If you want something free, though, there is 
probably going to be a steeper learning curve.

The other part you are going to have to consider is the hardware.  If you can 
get phone service handed off to you as pure SIP/IP, then great.  But if you 
actually need to take analog copper or TDM lines in from the phone company, 
then you are going to need to either get a PSTN <-> SIP device that meets your 
needs or purchase the necessary interface cards for the PC/server you are 
running the PBX software on.

Good luck,

-- Nathan

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I've used a Mikrotik as the provisioning server in a lab setup.....don't think 
I ever did it in real life.  It can set the required DHCP options and can be a 
TFTP server, and that's what you really need.

I liked the Sipura/Linksys/Cisco SPA phones because you could configure via the 
web page then export the XML config. Then duplicate and edit as needed.  It was 
hard to beat that for simplicity.  I'm a few years out of touch on VoIP, so I 
have no idea what phones are out there these days.

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Simple? VoIP is not simple. FreePBX is as simple as it gets, and it's only 
simple because it is limiting.

For provisioning you will need a tftp server, the ability to set DHCP options, 
and a basic grasp of XML.

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Anyone Working With Unifi Phones?

going to island of Palau to re do a network and VOIP System if they do not get 
Bombed by north Korea first :( but anyway is there like a super simple BPX out 
there to connect with unifi phones would only have 2 weeks to get this all done 
soo looking for easy lol

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