Is the 844 actually doing beam forming? In which case the exact orientation of the antennas could be misleading.


On 2/2/2018 12:46 PM, Eric Muehleisen wrote:

If you tear apart a 844 you'll notice that the antenna elements don't seem to cover 360 degrees. It does a good job with coverage but you'll notice that it can be hamstrung if not in the right orientation. That has been our experience anyway.

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    I use a single Calix 844 to cover a larger area without issue.  3
    floors. Solid sheets of aluminum between the floors as part of my
    radiant heating system.

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    We're using an N-mode Unifi AP, and it pretty much covers all of 3000
    square feet, and then some. It's the only AP we have in the entire


    On 1/31/2018 8:52 AM, TJ Trout wrote:

        First I started out with Ubiquiti AC AP ceiling mount the
        original version which was a complete flop and waste of money.
        I didn't upgraded to the cambium e400 but I've moved into a
        larger house now and the coverage is not very good.

        What is the best option currently for the longest range most
        reliable ceiling mount AP available?



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