I'm working on a similar project.
Still looking for hardware for the vMX BNG but the basic outline is:

vMX running as a BNG on ? hardware.
DHCP, DNS server running on a slice on the same server.  Possibly also a
fall over Freeradius instance with some default accept behavior.  We run
accounts based on circuits so we could have all the possible circuits for
the POP already set up in the radius server with default attributes just in
case the BNG can't get back to our main authentication servers for some

In theory, you could also use that as your router, but I prefer to keep
that separate so an ACX in packet mode as the router.  Either ACX1100 or
ACX2200 depending on 1G/10G.

For me, I'm a firm believer in running a BNG to do authenticated IPoE on
unique customer circuits.  I'm guessing Mikrotik et al can also do this

I'm trying to fit this all into a Calix ODC100 along with the E7-2.

On Mon, Feb 12, 2018 at 2:59 PM, Chuck McCown <ch...@wbmfg.com> wrote:

> Had a subdivision developer contact me, wanting service for their hundred
> or so homes.
> I can get DIA close to the area at a reasonable area.  It will require
> some build but that is OK, that is something I feel some level of
> expertise.
> Considering a minimal NOC build.
> I asked this question of someone once before and I cannot find their
> answer.  Not sure if asked on the list or not.  But the answer went
> something like this:
>    1. Buy a big CCR.
>    2. Hire Linktechs to configure it.
>    3. Put in a big switch for the AE SFPs and rock and roll.
> I am sure I would need at least one server.  DHCP, NAT, DNS?
> But can all of that be provided by the CCR?
> What is the smallest NOC configuration that could be created?
> Batts, rectifier, cooling.
> I really could put all this in a cabinet on the corner of the street.


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