actually i distinctly remember a "MOTORLA" and "MOTOROLA II" list... LOL

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  Yes, before I was on the Board at WISPA, they had hosted "manufacturer" 
listservs.  Chuck, was the moderator of the list for "motorola" at the time, 
and his list was moved over.  I wanted to host a MikroTik@ list, as I was a 
vendor at the time for WISPA.  That's when sh!t hit the fan, some other 
distributors got butthurt, and WISPA decided that the motorola list wasn't 
Chuck M's, and the MikroTik list wasn't mine anymore.  I notified Chuck M of 
the pending issues and how my list was getting ripped from under me...and 
before WISPA could notify Chuck M that his list was going to be taken over, 
Chuck M converted it to the AFMUG list, shut down the motorola@wispa list and 
the AFMUG list was born.  Ahhhh...the memories :)


  On Tue, Feb 13, 2018 at 5:23 PM, George Skorup <> 

    Yes, Michael Anderson. He got pissed about the OT stuff on the motorola@ 
list. IIRC, shortly after the I QUIT incident, the list server went down and he 
said it was a h/w failure (while out of town? I don't remember if that was the 
case) and finally brought it back up. But it was too late and AFMUG was born. 
More accurately, the "Motorola II" list was born, and I believe that was hosted 
for a short time on the WISPA list serv?

    I think the combination of WISPAmerica and Animal Farm is great.

    On 2/13/2018 4:06 PM, Mark Radabaugh wrote:

      You have to go back a long way in WISP history for how we got here….

      The list was Part-15 at one time, and existed prior to WISPA.   Can’t 
recall the last name - Michael somebody ran the organization.   One day Michael 
was mad about something and posted the infamous “I quit” email - and that was 
pretty much the end of Part 15 and the list.  I actually think that was during 
a Animal Farm session if I recall correctly.

      Chuck took over the list after that - I don’t think it was called AFMUG 
at the time, but it later became that.   Might have even been Motorola specific 
- not that it was ever on topic anyway.

      There are WISPA lists - but the AFMUG list has lived on.   Yes - it’s 
Chuck’s list though occasionally the members donate money for the cost of 
hosting it.

      This list has it’s advantages.   It’s membership leans toward a group of 
people who have known each other for a very long time.   You probably shouldn’t 
say bad things about WBMfg products (makes Chuck get all kranky) but everybody 
else if fair game.  I like it since it’s a place I can say things I can’t 
really say with a WISPA hat on (or at least I can’t say without blowback to 


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        Fair warning, Forrest has spam rights too...

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        I merge my AnimalFarm email list with my MailChimp list about once a 

        You do realize that this list is my list, right?

        So essentially every time I make a posting here I am spamming you, 

        I used to do it every Friday right here on this list.
        But I think it is cleaner and better quality to use MailChimp.

        Did you unsubscribe from the Mail Chimp?  That will prevent it from ever
        happening again.

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        I just got spammed by Chuck McCown. What's up with that?

        I sure as hell haven't signed up for any of his email lists nor done any
        business with him, or even indicate I would like to. I find it in 
        poor taste to mine the Af list for spam targets.


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