I live in two wireless world's...on the SCADA side, we use top quality
components which have a higher cost for critical operational needs, i.e.,
clean and waste water systems. Phoenix Contact and Puls power supplies,
etc.  So we protect everything with fuses and grounding...I have been
criticized by some on this list when we started using Ubiquiti Tough
switches on some installations.   Only one had to be replaced so far.  We
used them because they did their job.  On another project we installed
solar panel systems and the Tycon POE controllers started have issues
within weeks.  We took some TS-5s and connected them to 24vdc feed and no
more problems.
We are going to order some of Chuck's fuses and give a whirl on our
systems...Which will include Phoenix Contact and Ubiquiti switches.
Jaime Solorza

On Feb 14, 2018 8:00 AM, "Faisal Imtiaz" <fai...@snappytelecom.net> wrote:

> Hi Chuck,
> Great to hear about the new product, the POE Fuse.
> Question & critique.
>    When are these going to be available ?
>    We would like to see these priced a bit more aggressive...
>    (At the current pricing, the cost of fusing multiple ports appears to
> be exceeding the cost of 'poe switch' it is protecting ! )
> Regards.
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