Thanks for the reply... 

I was looking at things more simply...
 To protect 10/12 ports we are talking about $200/$250 give or take
 Switch value may be in similar ball park

It would be nice to see these in more of the $10 range..

I completely understand the production qty run vs cost.

Maybe, just a suggestion, we (as a group) can commit to a per-purchase qty, if 
that will help in bring the cost down.


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> We have been shipping for months.
> The cost of having a Netonix port repaired is more than the cost of the
> fuse.
> And then there is the labor and downtime and other intangible expenses
> involved in blowing a port.
> The prices are lower if you buy from one of my distributors.  I don't
> encourage anyone to buy off my ecommerce site and pay full list price.  That
> site is only there to generate sales for distributors.
> All of my products have prices based on cost plus margin.  Same formula
> across the board pretty much.  I try to have unique products you can't get
> other places.    If volume increases on a product, I sometimes adjust the
> price down due to the fact that my costs come down.  For example, if I am
> buying 1000 surge protector PCBs, I may be paying $1 for each.  But if I am
> only buying 100 of them it may be $2.50.
> I recently adjusted the cost down on my 8 circuit tower surge protector for
> exactly this reason.  Volume picked up, I worked on sourcing and buying and
> was able to drop the list price considerably and still maintain my margins.
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> Hi Chuck,
> Great to hear about the new product, the POE Fuse.
> Question & critique.
>   When are these going to be available ?
>   We would like to see these priced a bit more aggressive...
>   (At the current pricing, the cost of fusing multiple ports appears to be
> exceeding the cost of 'poe switch' it is protecting ! )
> Regards.
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