O need both the SS and the Fuse? can’t they be integrated in the same unit?

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Two similar questions:

Surge suppressors can blow ports.  If you have a surge, the surge protector 
will clamp all the Ethernet lines to ground.  That shorts them all together and 
grounds them.  That will also blow some POE ports.

So you need surge protectors to protect things from surges, but you need fuses 
to protect the POE source from the surge protector.  Learned this the hard way.

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So for a Netonix, do we just need the fuse or do we need the surge arrestor 
card as well?

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per chuck they must be fueses to protect a netonix, anything else was too slow.

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I'm sure you already thought about this, but is it possible to make a device 
that recovers automatically after the short circuit has ended while also 
responding fast enough to protect the port?

Is it a case where it's possible but costs too much?

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We have been shipping for months.
The cost of having a Netonix port repaired is more than the cost of the fuse.
And then there is the labor and downtime and other intangible expenses involved 
in blowing a port.

The prices are lower if you buy from one of my distributors.  I don't encourage 
anyone to buy off my ecommerce site and pay full list price.  That site is only 
there to generate sales for distributors.

All of my products have prices based on cost plus margin.  Same formula across 
the board pretty much.  I try to have unique products you can't get other 
places.    If volume increases on a product, I sometimes adjust the price down 
due to the fact that my costs come down.  For example, if I am buying 1000 
surge protector PCBs, I may be paying $1 for each.  But if I am only buying 100 
of them it may be $2.50.

I recently adjusted the cost down on my 8 circuit tower surge protector for 
exactly this reason.  Volume picked up, I worked on sourcing and buying and was 
able to drop the list price considerably and still maintain my margins.

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Hi Chuck,

Great to hear about the new product, the POE Fuse.

Question & critique.
When are these going to be available ?
We would like to see these priced a bit more aggressive...
(At the current pricing, the cost of fusing multiple ports appears to be 
exceeding the cost of 'poe switch' it is protecting ! )


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