Its a tool in the tool box for sure but it is not the one size fits all. Remember this is RF were talking about.  Terrain, atmosphere,density of foliage and structures all play a small role in how we make our endpoints connect. I know in some rolling hills areas that an isp is using pmp450i 900Mhz with 2 single pole matching db omnis using a Horz and one vertical with success. I still use sectors which gives me more control over where to focus the energy for areas that really need it. Its great when u can at least offer a 8Mb sustained package to a customer that had nothing before. Ones that are close enough can get up to a 15Mb sustained. Its not limited to doing 25Mbs but number of subs will get ya per ap.

On 04/11/2018 12:04 AM, Faisal Imtiaz wrote:
not sure what magic you were hoping for ..

But the expected magic from a horn is not necessarily and improvement in signal 
level.. but an improvement in SNR, thus the ability to  achieve a much more 
consistent, higher modulation as per compared to sectors..

and yes there are some excellent sectors such as the RF Elements Carrier Grade 
sectors as well as the EPMP sectors by Cambium.. (you can compare the specs !.. 
F/B ratio as well as the patterns.)


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I recently did a couple of tests with RF horns.   I was hoping for a lot
and was disappointed.   I was hoping that they could be colocated
closer than regular sectors that I use and the crosstalk signal levels
were just about the same as the shielded sectors.   As far as the
signals at the CPE's they were pretty good but not amazingly better for
as small as the target area got reduced to.

On 4/10/18 6:43 PM, Steve Jones wrote:
Can i get some non fanboy real world on these guys? Btw, i hate facebook
groups almost as much as dslreports or the ubnt forums, this is
literally the only place to get legitimate product info.


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