You folks get my vent because i cant anywherr else. So like 7 years ago we
took in my old ladys nephews because, well fuckwit parents. FYI the foster
care system is aweful. We fostered them for a year and half while her
brother and baby momma sorted their shit, or so we thought. The 18 month
old at the time had a club foot, i had to build a sleeping rig with some
shoes with the ankles hooked together and the toes locked outward with a
ruler, i worked his legs in and out til his hip popped one night, i thought
i broke his hip, but it was just something going back. The 4 year old you
couldbt understand cause they thought baby talk was cute so they never
taught him to speak. We fixed that, and that was the least bad of the
fuckery. This was me, the old lady, a1,2,4,and 5 year old with our 2 in a
tiny 2 bedroom.
Finally got these boys shaped up and bought a house for room, and a week
later they gave them back to the mom. The old ladies brother never did what
he was supposed to.
Now today was their grandmas (my old ladies step moms) funeral, so whats
this trashcan do? Gets arrested for selling fucking meth
So dealing with all that comes with a funeral, we had to be late dealing
with the child services people. Get all that squared away, get through the
funeral and now find out we also get the joy of headlice.
Seriously, fucking shit fuck. How do people do this shit to kids, theyre
not just a thing you have while doing other things.

Im not lawfully allowed to discuss any of this with anyone who is remotely
involved, i figure none of you are.

But seriously, what the fuck, you get your kids back and sell meth. And
theyre already asking if they sign their righys if they can see the kids

I have very few skills, and none of rhem involve the ability to not want to
feed these people lead

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